Bennu (formerly Wito), approx. 2 years, 20kg *adopted*

Wito, now Bennu, was confiscated in Hungary by the state vet due to bad dog keeping in March 2020. Thus, he came to the shelter in Cegléd. In October 2020 he was lucky as he was adopted by a Hungarian couple living in London/UK. They took him with them home, but in December they realized that they will become parents in summer 2021. They are worried that they won't be able to cope with both challenges - educating a lively dog as well as having their first baby. Therefore, they decided be foster family and find a new home for Bennu.

Description of Bennu from his (now foster) family:

Bennu is a 2 yrs old staffy mix who sees himself as a puppy. He loves to chill and work with his humans. He is a superfast and keen learner and extremely motivated by treats, but he is still a wild teenager. It’s typical for his age, that he has to test out his limits, so its up to you, to show him his boundaries with consistent and loving education. His personality is a mixture of playful, excitable and cuddly, but he is also trying to assert himself. According to his age he is testing his limits and boundaries so need a family who is confident around strong dogs and can give him the rules he needs to be his best self.

He knows basic commands such as sit, lay, stay, paw, touch, leave it and watch me. He is confidently and consistently performing them. Bennu became fully house trained, socialised. The next steps would be to work on his outdoor training and practicing recall and calmer lead presence. He is generally good on lead but can get excited and sometimes has a stronger pull, which is normal for dogs his age.

He is not used to being on his own yet. He doesn’t not want to be left alone. This is something which his future owner will need to slowly work on. Please expect for him to be super attached in the first weeks or so, as he is afraid of loosing his family. He will stop being your shadow, once he knows for sure, you will come back, even though you went out of the door. Bennu is happy, as long as he has not to be alone in the beginning. He loves his dog walkers, visiting other people and loves to get visits, as long as he's got company he is happy. He wants to be around people, cuddle up, once he knows you. It will take time for Bennu, to get used to a new family, a new home, a new place - so you need to have time, as well as patience. Bennu loves a great snooze on the sofa with his signature loud snoring and very intense dreams. He is super friendly with strangers both dogs and humans and seems to be not fazed by children, but due to his stormy side, we’d rather have older children around. He can be quite energetic and a bit of a bull in the china shop, there is a chance that he would jump or knock over a child by accident. This needs to be worked on as well.

He is a very strong and energetic dog, but also unsure and vulnerable. When he is in a new environment it takes him a bit to get used to and be comfortable around new sounds, traffic, parks, households and so on. Saying that, he is very calm during fireworks. All he needs is a good leader, so Bennu understands, you will take care of him and the situation. You need to be a loving, dog experienced, assertive leader.

Once, your relationship is close and his recall is worked on, he is good with other dogs and loves a good wrestle. Because of his excitable nature he sometimes needs some ‘time out’ and make him take a break, but other than that he seems to be loved by other dogs and he seems to love other dogs too.

The things that definitely needs to be worked on once he is settled (and we've already started):

- chewing
needs strong toys and redirection, so he knows what he can chew, he has a thing for soft blankets, plush toys and fluffy dog beds so you need to be persistent with discipline.

- separation anxiety
Bennu hasn’t been left alone yet. Once he feels settled and safe in his new home and with his new family, he can start learning how to spend time alone and be sure that his owners will come back.

- medical information
when he arrived, he had some red skin and inflammation. We started investigating what might be the cause of it. So far our best guess is either chicken- or beef allergy or wet grass intolerance or even might just be a seasonal thing. The vet said to change his diet and if he is outside for a long time in the rain or wet environment, we usually give him a bath/leg wash. We are also currently keeping him on a no chicken or beef diet and hypoallergenic dry and wet food. Taking these steps have seem to work up to now.

Again, he is a super human loving dog with a playful, excitable nature so the best would be a house with a fenced in garden. As written before, he is not happy to be alone yet. If it is a household of multiple people it is very important that everyone is equally taking part of settling him, give him attention, feeding him and disciplining him. Dogs are pack animals and if the family’s power is imbalanced it can be sensed. In Bennu’s current foster place he has shown no signs of protectiveness over any of the household members, even when strangers are around due to both of them being equally assertive and confident.

Bennu is neutered and of course vaccinated and has a microchip implant for identification and an European Pet Passport.

Bennu is looking for a new home with a loving and assertive family, having a lot of time and patience for him to show his personality and thrive. Dog experience and time is a must. Bennu can be visited in his current home in London.
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